Event Date: Sorry, we have lost our range facility so have nowhere to conduct this event, for now. Let me know if you have a property that is suitable, ie., can shoot safely out to 100 yards.

A full day’s shooting with your choice of firearm. Plenty of fast fun shooting action. Lunch is provided on the range. Shoot with a scoped .22 or any calibre centerfire iron sight rifle. This really is a fun and challenging event. Prize presentation at the completion of shooting, on the range.

This is a competition for centerfire rifles with Open or Iron sights Only. There is also a Scoped .22 event, and semiautomatic .22’s are allowed.

Any action type, bolt guns can compete side by side with, lever actions, pump action, all are acceptable, you decide what to shoot.

Rifleman’s Challenge events.

Scoped .22.

Centerfire Minor Calibre. Small cases or low recoil, i.e., .222., .223, 7.62 x39.

Centerfire Major Calibre. Large cases or recoil, i.e., .243, 6.5 x 55, 7-08, .308, 30-06.

Ask questions, I will answer asap. Comments or suggestions welcome.

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Course of Fire, Precision Series.

You will have 4 attempts at the following, your worst score will be discarded and your 3 best scores added together for your match total.
You will have 30 seconds to achieve the best score you can on a paper / cardboard target at 100 FU’s. Start position is prone, rifle loaded, safety on, ready to shoot. Shoot position is Prone, Unsupported. You may use slings, front grips, etc, but no part of your body or the rifle may touch the ground in front of your elbows. No Custom Shooting Jackets. You may have as many loaded magazines as you think you can fire, but no magazine may have more than 5 rounds in it.

Course of Fire, Man on Man Series.

All competitors will participate in a “MAN on MAN” shootoff. You will have at least two attempts at this. The first attempt is for fun and practice only (and the amusement of the spectators) the second and subsequent attempts will be for eventual match placings.
Start position will be standing “at ease” with rifle unloaded, action open, magazine out. The butt of the rifle will be on the ground alongside your foot.
On the start signal, you will adopt the prone position, load your rifle, engage your left target, followed by your right target, followed by the center target (stop plate). The first shooter to drop his or her stop plate wins that run. Competitors then swap sides and do their second run, followed by the 3rd run. The bout is won by the shooter who wins 2 out of 3 runs, who then advances to the next rung of the ladder. The firing position is Prone, Unsupported. Slings and front grips are OK, no bipods, monopods or custom shooting jackets. You may have as many mags as you like, but no more than 5 rounds per mag. Each round consists of the “best of three” runs for a match placing between two competitors. During each bout, competitors swap sides for each subsequent run.

The .22 rimfire targets are at 75 FU’s. Any sights (including scopes) allowed. All other rules will be the same as the centerfire event, and numbers permitting, you will be able to enter both centerfire and .22 events. Bolt action .22’s won’t be limited to 5 rounds per mag. Depending on shooter numbers (entries), competitors will be able to enter up to all 3 of the events offered. However, competitors will only be able to win prizes in one event, and that event must be nominated prior to the start of competition. Any other event entered will be for fun (bragging rights) only, and will incur an additional $10 entry fee for each extra event.


All distances at the FSS range are in either Shritts or Fortrose Units (FU’s) both of which are approximately equal to something like a yard or a meter. If you require an exact measurement, bring and use your own rangefinder.

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