2020 Rifle Dot Shooting.

The 2020 events begin in June, 2020. Final date for targets to be returned is 30-09-2020. Entries accepted anytime from now until September 2020.

Ideal for those winter days when you want to shoot, but can’t go far.


15 yards or meters, any 22LR rifle, any scope or sights, any ammo. Standing unsupported only. You can practice as much as you like, you’ll have several months to get your match targets  shot and posted back to me. I need your fired targets in hand by 30st September, 2020 so that your scores can be included in the match results. You may use slings, front pistol grips, anything at all you want on your rifle. Lasers are Ok, red dot sights OK, Match or competition jackets are OK. Juniors under 12 in a team with a parent can shoot prone from a bipod or sandbag.

How it’s done.

The rules are printed on the reverse side of the target, but basically, each target has 10 clusters of three dots each, each dot is exactly .22 calibre and the space between the three dots is exactly .22 also. If you fire a shot that passes exactly through the middle of the three dot cluster, your bullet hole will touch all three dots, you’ll earn 3 points. If your shot only touches two dots, you only earn two points. A shot inside the circle but not touching a dot earns half a point. Maximum of 10 shots per target, 30 points are possible. You might think that at 15 meters this is going to be a breeze, but give it a go before you make a judgement. 

You can shoot this event anywhere you can safely and legally shoot your .22 rifle (including Air Rifle), on the farm, at your shooting club?

For the postal competition you’ll receive 4 match targets which you may shoot any time over the next few months. You’re welcome to make copies and practice as much as you like, but when you shoot your match targets you need to have someone with you who can verify that you followed the rules. You can also use a felt pen or similar to put an aiming mark for each cluster so you don’t have to re zero your rifle. When you have completed all four of your match targets, you then send your best three targets back to me, I’ll score them and we’ll see who does what.

There will be trophies / prizes for 1st Overall, 1st  Senior (over 65), 1st Junior (under 18), 1st Woman and also the Top Team. Richard Munt at SERIOUS SHOOTERS and Peter Maxwell at NZ GUNS and HUNTING have very generously offered prizes for this event. 

Depending on interest and support, it is hoped that this event will become an annual event. Junior and team Entries are the same price, ie., $25.00. Once you have entered, I will e mail you when I post your targets. I need you to confirm by e mail as soon as you receive them. NZ Post have proved most unreliable, and if I don’t contact them within a very short period, they take no responsibility and won’t refund costs. 

News Flash.

We have just added another JUNIOR event. For juniors under 12 years, who are part of a 2 person team, may shoot “Prone Supported, or “Sitting Supported” using a sandbag, bipod or whatever. 

Feel free to ring with questions, suggestions or just comments. I value your input. Australian entries are $25 Aud,  this is to partly cover the extra postage costs. 


Put a very small X at the spot above each cluster where you want to aim, or sight your rifle in at 15 yards. This needs superb trigger control, good breathing and just a hint of good luck. I hope you enjoy.


The winner of the 2019 .22 Rifle Dots Event was Mark Casey of Waikawa. Mark received a trophy for his placing. Congratulations Mark.

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