.22 Jungle Lane

Event Date: Feb 22nd 2020 (JL) & Feb 23rd 2020 (RC).

We shoot in all weather, there will be NO cancellation for bad weather. The shoot is for .22 Long Rifle rimfire only. NO .22 magnums or 17’s.

The intention is to make the shoot very user friendly, great for kids and new shooters wanting to have fun and learn something new but the shoot also has to be challenging enough to keep the more experienced shooters on their toes.

We are are planning, a 2.0 km long Jungle Lane (JL) with approximately 20 shooting positions. Targets will be set from 15 yards to 200+ yards.

Some positions will have a high round count (if you so desire) and other positions will be for a single precision shot only. There will be 15 shooting positions shot for score, and 5 optional positions, for fun only. Plan on 8 – 9 hours shooting during the day. The evening meal is supplied at day’s end, however you will need to have your lunch and all drinks you need for the day with you.

Camping on the Range is OK, campervans, tents, etc are welcome. We need to know in advance if you intend to come early, camp on range, etc.

Coaching Opportunity. We will offer a discounted entry fee to experienced shooters who are willing to take a new shooter with them, to coach and possibly gun share with them. New or inexperienced shooters will be offered the opportunity to gun share with an experienced shooter, and if necesary, gun share with them. Check out the coaching page.

More details will be on this site as we finalize them, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions. This event will only go ahead if we can attract sufficient shooters. We need a minimum of 40 shooters to be able to break even (Maximum shooters for the day is 80). A $50 deposit towards the match entry fee will be required to register, If the shoot does not go ahead, the deposit will be refunded. If you choose at a later date not to attend, the deposit is NON Refundable.

For your interest.

The ballistics of a .22 LR shooting high velocity ammunition at 300 yards almost exactly matches the ballistics of a .308 at 1000 yards. And the ballistics of a .22 shooting subsonics at 200 yards closely matches the ballistics of a 45 / 70 at 1000 yards. So for the guys using and training with large calibre rifles at 1000 yards plus, and maybe chewing through $10 to $15 for each shot, the same skills at reading distance, wind and trajectory calculations apply and possibly are actually more critical with the humble .22.

Some other very obvious factors in favour of the .22 are;

It’s a whole lot easier to find 2 or 3 hundred yards to shoot in than a 1000 yards plus needed for the big centerfire guns.
Training and coaching become much more useful when you have no noise or recoil to consider.
Nearly every shooter has a .22 rifle of some sort.
You can shoot all day for $25 instead of $15 a shot (for factory 338).
Most important of all, it’s wonderful for getting kids / juniors / new shooters on board.

Course of Fire, Part 1.
You will have 4 atempts at the following, your worst score will be discarded and your 3 best scores added together for your morning’s total.
You will have 30 seconds to achieve the best score you can on a cardboard target at 100 meters. Start position is prone, rifle loaded, safety on, ready to go. Shoot position is Prone, Unsupported. You may use slings, front grips, etc, but no part of your body or the rifle may touch the ground in front of your elbows. You may have as many loaded magazines as you think you can fire off, but no mag may have more than 5 rounds in it.

Course of Fire, part 2.
All competitors will participate in a “MAN on MAN” shootoff. You will have at least three goes at this, the first attempt is for fun and practice only (and the amusement of the spectators) the second is to determine your placing on the ladder, and the third will be the actual shootoff for first place.
Start position will be standing “at ease” with rifle unloaded, action open, magazine out. The butt of the rifle will be on the ground alongside your foot.
On the start signal, you will adopt the prone position, load your rifle, engage your left target, then your right target, then the center (and final) target. The first shooter to drop his or her final target wins the bout and advances to the next rung of the ladder. Firing position is Prone, unsupported. Slings and front grips OK, no bipods or monopods.

There will be a .22 rimfire event added to this competition, bolt or .22, with any sights (including scopes) allowed. All other rules will be the same as the centerfire event, and numbers permitting, you will be able to enter both centerfire and .22 events. Bolt action .22’s won’t be limited to 5 rounds per mag. Targets (precision and steel) will be at 50 meters.

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