.22 Jungle Lane

Event Date: Nothing scheduled for now, sorry.

We have lost our range facility so for now, we have nowhere to conduct this event. Do you have a suitable property, ie., safe to shoot .22 rifles on? I’d be keen to hear from you.

A Field Shoot for .22 riles. 8-10 hours of “full on” shooting, followed by dinner and prizegiving social evening. This event is suitable for new shooters, novices, children, family groups as well as experienced shooters.

We shoot in all weather, there will be NO cancellation for bad weather. The shoot is for .22 Long Rifle rimfire only. NO .22 magnums or 17’s, sorry, but these damage my targets.

The intention is to make the shoot very user friendly, great for kids and new shooters wanting to have fun and learn something new but the shoot also has to be challenging enough to keep the more experienced shooters on their toes.

We are are planning, a 2.0 km long Jungle Lane (JL) with approximately 20 shooting positions. Targets will be set from 15 yards to 300+ yards. All targets are reactive, so shooters do not need to leave the firing line. Some targets may need painting for each new squad, so these will be placed in positions where it is appropriate and safe for a squad member to run forward and paint as required.

Some positions will have a high round count (if you choose) and other positions will be for a single precision shot only. There will be 15 shooting positions shot for score, and 5 optional positions, for fun only. Plan on 8 – 9 hours shooting during the day. You will need to have all snacks, lunch and liquids with you for the entire day’s shooting, although access back to the clubhouse and your car is easy. The evening meal is supplied at day’s end, at the Fortrose Cafe. Dinner will be served at 7.00pm.

Camping on the Range is OK, campervans, tents, etc are welcome. The clubhouse has running water (NOT potable) and flush toilet facility. We need to know in advance if you intend to come early, camp on range, etc.

Coaching Opportunity. We will offer a discounted entry fee to experienced shooters who are willing to take a new shooter with them, to coach and possibly gun share with them. New or inexperienced shooters will be offered the opportunity to gun share with an experienced shooter, and if necesary, gun share with them. Check out the coaching page.

More details will be on this site as we finalise them, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions. This event will only go ahead if we can attract sufficient shooters. We need a minimum of 40 shooters to be able to break even (Maximum shooters for the day is 80). Please pay your entry fee when you register. If we cancel the shoot your entry fee will be fully refunded. Depending on the reason, if you choose at a later date not to attend, your entry fee is NON Refundable and will be gratefully accepted as a donation towards the cost of running the shoot.

For your interest.

The ballistics of a .22 LR shooting high velocity ammunition at 300 yards almost exactly matches the ballistics of a .308 at 1000 yards. And the ballistics of a .22 shooting subsonics at 200 yards closely matches the ballistics of a 45 / 70 at 1000 yards. So for the guys using and training with large calibre rifles at 1000 yards plus, and maybe spending $10 to $15 for each shot, the same skills at reading distance, wind and trajectory calculations apply and possibly are actually more critical with the humble .22.

Some other very obvious factors in favour of the .22 are;

It’s a lot easier to find 2 or 3 hundred yards to shoot in than a 1000 yards plus needed for the big centerfire guns.
Training and coaching become much more valid when you have no noise or recoil to consider.
Nearly every shooter has a .22 rifle of some sort.
You can shoot all day for $25 instead of $15 a shot (for factory 338).
Most important of all, it’s wonderful for getting kids / juniors / new shooters on board.


1, we use either Shritts or Fortrose Units (FU’s) as our standard measurements. Either one is approximately equal to somewhere between a meter and a yard. So if I tell you that a target is 100 FU’s away, it is around about 100 yards to 100 meters. If you want an exact measurement, bring your own rangefinder.

2, the range is situated on a privately owned working farm. As such it is a smoke free workplace, Smoking / vaping is not permitted around the CoF. Additionally, dogs are not permitted. Smokers may smoke / vape inside their own cars only, all butts, etc must remain inside their own vehicle ashtrays.

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